Witch Water

Witch Water

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"Shine bright like our glitters that's seen from afar, and always make sure to stay true to who you are" 

  • With Sparkling Angels glitter, the number one priority is to get the finest and best quality glitters in our customers hands to complete all of their beautiful craft projects, big or small.
  • Wide variety of different sizes and colors
  • Priced by weight, not volume, giving you the best bang for your buck
  • All glitter is sifted and checked before shipping and handled with care.
  • Expert Crafter Tested & Approved!
  • Bottles are 3.75oz by volume and contain approximately 3.5-4.0oz of glitter by weight (not including bottle) for Metallics, Holographics, and Neon Colors.  Chunky mixes are approximately 3.0-3.5oz (not including bottle) by weight depending on the style/mix.

Usage Cautions:

  • Using a PH value above 7.5 may erode the electrodeposition and color.
  • Color bleed may occur in alcohol solvent products such as nail polish, always test before applying to final surface
  • Do not boil in water.
  • Avoid direct contact and/or pressurization with heat.


  • Conversions can be found on main page of Glitters.