Sublimation Wristlet Lanyard

Sublimation Wristlet Lanyard

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These press beautifully and are super quick and easy to turn into a finished product.

Item specifications:

  • Neoprene
  • Approximately 5" long plus 1" key ring.
  • Flat for easy pressing process
  • Can be used with wallets, keys, etc.


  1. Print your photo/design on transfer paper through a sublimation printer. Please use true sublimation printer/ink so that bleeding is minimized. (SAWGRASS works the best)
  2. Use heat tape to attach holder to the photo.
  3. Heat your press to 360* Fahrenheit and press image on to product for approximately 60 seconds with very light pressure.
  4. Remove holder from press, paper should be a golden brown color.
  5. VERY IMPORTANT: Let the holder cool down for a few minutes before peeling off paper as this will avoid any unwanted problems.